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Product announcement POS-Line High Bright 80cm (31.5″)

April 22, 2021

For perfect readability of your content, a brightness sensor is built into the monitor as standard. This automatically adjusts the screen brightness to the ambient brightness. This means that no unnecessary energy is consumed in the dark and the viewer is never dazzled by a screen that is too bright. Additionally, the brightness is controlled by an internal temperature control to protect the monitor against overheating. The unit features an OSD menu for easy setup and a remote control that allows easy adjustment of the image and signal source.

The monitor is available in three models with different controls. In addition to our PME II video card (HDMI, DP, VGA, USB remote, audio line-out) and VideoPoster software for playlist playback, our ARM-based IoT solution (each with LAN, audio line-out, micro SD-slot, USB2.0, HDMI-in) is available. Power is supplied via the direct 230 V connection, an external power supply unit is not required. For mounting, there is a VESA mount on the back, which makes it easy to install the device with the optionally available wall mount. A front bezel is optionally available to round off the visual impression and as edge protection.

To ensure the sustainability of the POS-Line 31,5″ High Bright, the device has a robust metal housing and durable components are used to ensure 24/7 use at 70,000 operating hours. The monitor can be used both upright in portrait and horizontally in landscape mode.

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