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Robust 10.4″ Outdoor TFT Display

May 31, 2021

As a result, it is easy to read in bright surroundings and provides a perfect display even in extreme temperatures, so that it is well suited for outdoor use. Due to its high vibration resistance of 6.8G, it can even be used in very harsh environments such as in agricultural or construction machinery and is an ideal replacement for various Mitsubishi TFT displays.

The P1040XGF1MA00 is a display from Tianma’s SFT (Super fine TFT) series and offers a wide viewing angle of 85° from all directions for best readability when viewed from the sides. It is controlled via an LVDS interface. For easy integration, we can provide you with a plug&play kit solution with one of our Prisma TFT controller boards and the necessary accessories.

If your application is extremely challenging, you might want to additionally protect the display against damage and simplify cleaning. In this case we recommend a protective glass that we optically bond to the display. With our VacuBond® process we can increase the vibration and shock behavior of this ruggedized TFT once again and the display gains even more stability and robustness.

See our demo videos with a dropball test  and a water test or call us.

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