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August 30, 2022

The latest product from Fortec Integrated’s touch competence center is the 12.1″ PCAP touch panel TP-DD1210-A07 with 10 touch points. This robust touch screen with a 1.1mm thick cover glass has a operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C and can therefore also be used outdoors.

The high quality EETI touch controller is chip-on-flex integrated and offers an I²C as well as a USB interface. It perfectly distinguishes e.g. water drops and palm touches from real touch events and thus avoids annoying, faulty touch events. The touchscreen can also be operated with gloves without any problems: Ideal conditions for use in industrial applications or in public areas. The glass surface can be cleaned easily and quickly with common glass cleaning agents.

If your application requires even higher robustness, we will be happy to bond an additional protective glass to the touch, for example with our VacuBond®optical bonding process. This increases the shock and vibration resistance, while maintaining the excellent optical properties of the touch display unit.

Please contact us, we have the ideal product for your project.

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