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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Businesses

June 27, 2023

Cybersecurity Best Practices – Keep Your Business Data Safe

With the advent of technology, businesses are becoming more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity breaches can cause irreversible damage to a company’s reputation, and it is important to take proactive measures to ensure that sensitive data remains secure. Every business must take cybersecurity seriously to protect itself against cyber attacks. 

In this blog post, the Fortec US team discusses the best cybersecurity practices that businesses can adopt to avoid security breaches and keep their data safe:

1. Use Strong Passwords

Weak, easily guessable passwords are the number one cause of security breaches. As such, it is imperative that businesses make the use of strong passwords a priority. Passwords should have at least 14 characters and include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and phrases. Also, be sure to avoid using the same passwords for multiple accounts.

2. Keep Your Software Up to Date

It is essential that all software is up-to-date on all devices and servers. Running outdated software can create backdoors that hackers can exploit to access sensitive information. Thus, businesses should ensure that their IT systems are always updated with the latest software versions. Moreover, companies should also consider investing in cybersecurity software, such as firewalls and antivirus software, to prevent potential cyber-attacks.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security, especially when logging in or accessing sensitive data. By requiring an additional form of authentication like a fingerprint, facial recognition, or a code sent to a mobile device, 2FA prevents unauthorized access to a company’s data. Using two-factor authentication can greatly increase the security and safety of a business’s confidential data.

4. Educate Employees on Cybersecurity

Employees play an important role in the company’s cybersecurity. Businesses should ensure that their employees are aware of the risks involved in cybersecurity breaches and the precautions needed to protect sensitive information. Train your employees on recognizing phishing attacks, creating strong passwords, and the importance of keeping their devices secured. Conducting regular cybersecurity training for employees can help minimize the risks of a breach caused by human error.

5. Backup Your Data

Data backups are important and can save a company a great deal of headache in the event of a security breach. In case of a cyber-attack, companies should have backups of all their data, so they can quickly and efficiently restore them to a safe state. Backup data should also be frequently tested to ensure that it is usable and readily available in the event of such incidents.

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