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The Science Behind Optical Bonding

July 6, 2023

How Does Optical Bonding Work?

The use of touch screens has become widespread in today’s digital world. Touch screens are everywhere, from smartphones to tablets, computers, and even cars. One technological process that is instrumental in making touch screens more responsive and durable is optical bonding. But what is this technology, and how does it work? 

Below, the optical bonding experts at Fortec US delve into the science behind optical bonding:

What is Optical Bonding?

Optical bonding is a manufacturing process that involves attaching a touch sensitive or glass layer to the surface of a display. This glass layer is held in place by an optically clear adhesive over the front of the display. The adhesive fills any air gap between the glass layer and the display, creating a seamless, durable bond.

What is the Optical Bonding Process?

Optical bonding is a complex process that requires precision and expertise. First, the protective layer is cut to size and shape. Then, the adhesive is applied to the display surface, and the protective layer is carefully placed on top. The adhesive is applied using a vacuum chamber that ensures there are no air bubbles or contaminants between the layers. The process requires experience and expertise, and the finished product is inspected for quality control before shipment.

Benefits of Optical Bonding

Many industries turn to optical bonding to ensure their screens are of the best, most durable, and most efficient quality. The optical bonding process offers a variety of benefits and advantages for your screen technology, including: 

  • Reduced parallax on touchscreens
  • Improved touch accuracy
  • Brighter visuals
  • Increased durability
  • Protection from dust and moisture
  • Higher contrast
  • Improved sunlight readability

Optical Bonding with Fortec US

At Fortec US, we’re optical bonding experts and have provided customers with top-of-the-line optical bonding services since 2014. We use our own industry-leading VacuBond® optical bonding. This dry process allows for zero optical defect production and provides perfect material stability with no yellowing, a clear image, and incredible durability. Our method uses pure silicone gel sheets with the bonds performed in a vacuum chamber to yield perfect results every time.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Custom Digital Screen Solutions!

As the global leader in optical bonding, Fortec US supports you in all project phases – from the construction of the metal housing and procurement of specific parts to the in-house development of controller boards and touchscreen integration. In need of a product, part, or have a project in mind? Contact us today at (631) 580-4360 or on our website for more information.

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