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Corona Virus and COVID-19

March 18, 2020

In doing so, the health and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers are given top priority. In light of the developing situation, we have taken extensive measures to ensure the safety and productivity of all parties:

  • Our employees have been made aware of applying precautionary sanitary measures (e.g. antiseptics at all business locations, avoid shaking hands, i.a.). Moreover, precise instructions for procedures with suspected cases are available.
  • Our visitor management has been widened for external visitors at our locations and, for the safety of our colleagues, includes more restrictions. Risk assessments will be carried out for every single external visitor. Visitors will only be received in cases of emergency.
  • We will reduce our travel activities to travels which are required and critical for our business purposes and will strictly avoid risk areas at the same time.

The second relevant aspect is to guarantee our business activities. Due to our corporate structure (main activities can be carried out at various locations), our business activities are currently secured and we see ourselves well-prepared for the current situation. Our teams at our locations are in constant exchange with each other and we have developed group-wide emergency plans to ensure the core functions at our key locations if the situation does not change significantly (e.g. movement of goods come to a halt, curfews, etc.). Our crisis team will examine the latest developments daily and will take measures accordingly. Furthermore, employees of our companies are equipped with all working materials enabling them to work from home entirely.

We will gladly support you with keeping up your continued business activities also in these turbulent times.
As usual, all our employees will remain available until further notice. For specific questions, please contact your contact partners who will gladly advise you.   

In case the situation changes, you will definitely reach us at: 

Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 89 43 63 – 0

We will forward your inquiry to the corresponding in-house person in charge and will ensure a fast handling of your request.

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